FAQ - Hot Water Cylinder Installation Questions And Answers

Am I allowed to do and modification on the pipe work myself?
No, only a registered Plumber is allowed to disconnect or reconnect a pipe to any domestic supply. Please ask to see the PGDB card for proof
Are you qualified Plumbers?
Yes we are certifying Master Plumbers, Gasfitters and Drainlayers
Can I install a 3KW hot water cylinder instead of a 2KW?
In most cases your wiring will not comply to allow the installation of a 3KW if your existing Cylinder is 2 KW. Our technicians will be able to advise on this during the site visit
Can a gas hot water cylinder be fixed if it stops working?
Yes, in many cases your gas hot water cylinder can be fixed. Please call us for more information.
Do you do commercial hot water design and installation?
Yes, our team includes hot water system designers and engineers. We have extensive experience in commercial hot water system installations Please email or call us for more details.
How do I know how many liters my existing cylinder is?
If you can't find the original brand sticker on the cylinder then the easiest way is to measure the height (H) and diameter (D) . Then apply the following calculation (D x D) x H x 0.7854 x 1000 = liters. The complete calculation must be done in m (500mm = 0.5m). Please note that you are measuring the outside casing and not the actual internal tank holding the water. The cylinders on our site can be a guide to determine your cylinder size if they have the approximate dimensions.
How do I tell if my system is mains or low, equal or unequal pressure?
Turn on the hot tap and compare it to the cold tap. If the water is the same pressure, you have either a mains pressure or equal low pressure cylinder. If there is a pressure difference you will have an unequal low pressure system. If you’re not sure what pressure you have you can also look at your hot water cylinder, usually if you can find the make and model you should be able to identify a “BAR” “HEAD” or “KPA” rating. If you have a long vent sticking up above your roof then are you most likely to have a low pressure hot water cylinder.
How long does it take to convert a low pressure cylinder to a mains pressure?
Out of 100 installations we manage to convert 80 to mains pressure in under 5 hours
How much does a hot water cylinder installation cost?
Depending on whether you are upgrading your hot water cylinder or replacing like for like, cost will range from as low as $1200 incl GST to $4999 incl GST. You can explore installation pricing on our website by following this link: https://www.hotwatercylinders.nz/all-specials.html
Note that each installation deal includes a certain scope, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
Or you can compare hot water cylinder prices here.
I have a pipe sticking Outlook of my roof that drips.
It is normal for this pipe to drip periodically as this is just the cylinder expanding as it heats up. If you notice that it never stops one or both valves will need replacing. It will save you money quickly if you get it seen to. Not only are you wasting water but electricity as well.
I have an outside cylinder and there is a valve that drips all the time.
This is perfectly normal for it to drip periodically. When the cylinder has reached its desired temperature it needs to allow for expansion and the cold feed expansion valve allows for this. It can drip 4 - 7 liters a day.
If I change my cylinder to mains, will I need to change my taps and shower?
This will completely depend on what tapware you have, 90% of the time you DO NOT have to replace your tapware. Our mains pressure systems will include a valve that will ensure your tape ware remains safe.
Is my water supposed to be scolding hot?
No, the law requires every household to have a tempering valve installed to protect against scolding and to protect your tapware / plumbing
My hot water runs out very quickly and is not as hot as it was.
There could be a fault with your tempering valve or your element starting to go. Your thermostat could also be getting a wrong reading and should be checked
What is mains pressure and low pressure?
Your local water supplier supplies mains pressure at your water meter (Can be 350KPA – 500KPA) depending on your existing house plumbing this pressure will be reduced to suit your requirements. Older homes with long vents sticking through the roof make it easy to identify low pressure systems running at a maximum of 7.5 meters of head = ca. 75KPA - 125 KPA (Medium pressure), whereas new homes (excluding batches or where main water supply is not available) will be supplied by mains pressure. In any case it is strongly recommended to install a limiting valve to prevent leaks resulting from excess pressure caused by tides or your water provider. For more information on system pressure differences pleae visit our Technical info page >> HERE
What is ripple control?
Ripple control is when your provider is able to switch off the power to your hot water cylinder remotely at energy peak when required. You can opt out of this in most cases.
What valves are used for hot water cylinders?
Please view our valves and controls page >> HERE
Who is allowed to install a hot water cylinder?
The technician installing your Hot water cylinder MUST be a registered plumber, please ask to see the PGDB card for proof.
Why do I have a high pitched noise coming from my cylinder?
One or both of your low pressure valves is faulty and needs replacing
Why don't I have hot water? What do I do?
Several reasons could be the cause: Element is damaged, thermostat is damaged; you're on ripple control, if gas, your pilot flame has gone out. For an accurate diagnosis please ring our technical team on 0800 429 546


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