15 year old burst Rheem mains pressure cylinder


15 Year old burst Rheem hot water cylinder

15 Year old Rheem hot water cylinder

Its always frustrating when your hot water cylinder fails just after the warranty expires 🙁 Its rare but it happens, even to a Rheem! In most cases the problem relates back to the quality of water. Unless your hot water cylinder is made of stainless steal it will most likely incorporate a sacrificial anode. If you are on tank or bore water supply and have a mains pressure cylinder, you should regularly (every 2-5 years) have a service done. By servicing your hot water cylinder you can avoid a nasty leak in future caused by corrosion. In this instance we were able to offer our special like for like mains pressure hot water cylinder replacement for $ 1200 all including! Concerned your cylinder is suffering from corrosion? Better safe then sorry 🙂