Monthly Archives: September 2014

HJ Coopers installed in under 3 hours

HJ Coopers tight fit WHAT A TIGHT FIT… In and out in 3 hours! The call came in at 9:30AM with Mrs James advising that her old low pressure Rheem which is over 30 years old has burst! Considered about timing because her holiday was already booked for the following day hot water cylinders NZ made it happen! To get this job done we have to not only “squeeze” the actual job into the day but also had to SQUEEZE the HWC into the cupboard! After we detached the panel, we managed to get the Gib out of the way and rearrange the timber to make the new mains pressure tank fit. Luckily it was easy enough to run a drain and the tempering valve rated to be screwed straight into the tank making a what seemed to be a hard installation very easy! In just under 3 hours this installation was done for our stainless special rate! Stainless Steel mains pressure solar ready with 10 years warranty, now Mrs James can go on holiday without having to worry about her hot water when she gets back! If you have a situation where you believe a new tank might not fit, let us know and we will do an obligation free site visit to advise on what solution works best for you! Call us 0800 4 Cylinders

Damaged goods, don’t you hate it!

damaged_hot_water_cylinderThis 500 litre hot water cylinder arrived on site this morning with a massive dent, thanks a lot Mr delivery company! Thankfully the cylinder is stainless steel (not enamel). Being a custom made hot water cylinder makes the decision very difficult to send it back and wait on a new one. Additionally we have staff onsite not being able to commence with the work until the matter is resolved. A quick phone call to the cylinder delivery company turned out to work wonders enabling us to give the costumer a decent discount on the hot water cylinder. Of course the full warranty will also continue to apply. Just a quick pressure test to confirm all is ok and off we go! Sometimes things don’t always go as planned but the main thing for us here at is to have a good and “can do” attitude in finding a way to keep everyone involved happy. After all, the dent is really just “cosmetic” and after we faced it towards the wall and completed the installation you couldn’t even notice it was there. Another satisfying hot water cylinder happy ending!