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Rinnai is getting greener in 2017

Rinnai have been busy with some exciting changes to products making sure they remain one of New Zealand’s preferred suppliers of electric hot water cylinders. The next 12 months will see some exciting changes to their range starting with changes to some of the Mains Pressure Enamel products.

Always striving to be at the forefront of future-proof technology, Rinnai, as part of our commitment to the environment has made changes to our manufacturing process. Innovations to the materials that we use to assemble our finished products will enable our cylinders to be kinder to the environment while still allowing us to meet the same exacting standards you have come to expect.

These changes will mean that the height of some of our Mains Pressure Enamel Electric cylinders will be changing over the coming months.

The first of these changes will be reflected with the production of our Mains Pressure Enamel 180L 488 product (ME18048830/ME18048820). This means that all orders from now on will be fulfilled with the new height.

The full schedule of changes to affected Mains Pressure Enamel cylinders can be found below:

ME18048830 180 488 1660 1695 3 NOW
ME18048820 180 488 1660 1695 2 NOW
ME25059030 250 590 1580 1595 3 MID NOV 2016
ME25059020 250 590 1580 1595 2 MID NOV 2016
ME250590D30 250 590 1580 1595 2X3 MID NOV 2016
ME250590D20 250 590 1580 1595 2X2 MID NOV 2016
ME18059030 180 590 1190 1205 3 END NOV 2016
ME18059020 180 590 1190 1205 2 END NOV 2016
ME09048830 90 488 955 1030 3 EST MAR 2017
ME09048820 90 488 995 1030 2 EST MAR 2017
ME13548830 135 488 1295 1328 3 EST JAN 2017
ME13548820 135 488 1295 1328 2 EST JAN 2017
ME30059030 300 590 1790 1805 3 JUN 2017
ME30059020 300 590 1790 1805 2 JUN 2017
ME300590D30 300 590 1790 1805 2X2 JUN 2017
ME300590D20 300 590 1790 1805 2X3 JUN 2017

From November 2016 we will be phasing out the dual element 2kW and 3 kW 180L Mains Pressure Enamel products (ME180590D30 and ME180590D20) from our range. Stocks of this product will not be replenished and orders for these products will continue to be fulfilled while stocks last.

As always, Rinnai is committed to the environment and to our customers. For more information on any of the products discussed above please contact us 0800 4 CYLINDERS

The danger of cheap hot water cylinder quotes.

wrongly_installed_hot_water_cylinderThis home owner would have been stoked to get this cylinder installed at $500 below going market price! There is a good reason why…

Often we lose out on installations because of price, home owners don’t know any better employing plumbers that happily install hot water cylinders in manner that is dangerous and inefficient to home owners.

We were called to this job which was just done recently by a local plumber, failing to follow basic building code requirements this installation resulted in overheating and damage of tap ware.

What were the requirements?

The installation was a replacing a faulty low pressure with a new low pressure hot water cylinder. the legal recommendations are very clear in this situation clearly stating that the plumber SHOULD bring this installation up to the current standard. which includes:


  1. Installing a tempering valve.
  2. Installing a cold water expansion valve.
  3. Installing earthquake restraints.

Non of which were done on this installation, putting this family at risk and increasing their power bill unnecessarily. Do you have a cheap quote? Before you commit, its a good idea to compare apples with apples!  Not sure? Give us a ring on 0800 4 CYLINDERS.