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Help my hot water cylinder is leaking!

The title to this blog are the words that were spoken when I picked up the phone. To make a bad situation worse it happened on the weekend. After a series of questions it was very obvious we had to get a technician to site. There are two things our costumers hate > 1 > not having hot water on the weekend and >> 2 >> the call out fee on the weekend.

Once the cover was removed the problem was quickly identified. Unfortunately this job required spare hot water cylinder parts not available from your “average” plumbing supplier. Back the following day to replace the faulty solar hot water cylinder. Due to the size of the job the call out fee was not charged and we were able to get the solar hot water up and running the same day everyone happy again.


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4 Bathrooms 1 gas hot water cylinder and 5 happy residence

Its always a great thing to see the happy faces of our costumers once a job is completed successfully. This commercial grade hot water cylinder replacement was not an easy one. Replacing an old gas fired Ruud meant rearranging all the pipework to the other side of the tank. Additionally with the size being 300L, 2 guys had to be on the job.

The flue required modification and a non flammable base including ventilation was also required. Very often older installations don’t comply with current regulation requiring a bit more work to ensure energy savings and of course the safety of the residence.

After a long day the team at hot water cylinders completed the job and hot water was available before dinner time. All went well. All happy Of course after this image was taken seismic restrains were added.

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Welcome to our brand new website!

Welcome to hot water cylinders New Zealand! A company with passion for hot water heating! After a long 6 month production today our website has finally gone online. We are very proud to introduce the “GO TO” website when it comes to hot water heating applications and solutions. Hot water cylinders is who we are and what we do every day. We know all brands, the ins and outs, benefits and disadvantages. Questions? give us a call or send us an email. Our service and pricing is hard to beat. Thinking about renting a new hot water cylinder? Finance? Call us and find out what the best solution is for you circumstances.

On our blog we will be introducing new work, testimonials, technical information about all in New Zealand available hot water cylinder systems and much more.

Keep a look out for those specials! Save cash weekly with! We look forward to hearing from you soon!