Future Proofing For Solar, Heatpump And Wetback Technology – Auckland

Whether you are forced to replace your hot water cylinder due to age or upgrading to mains pressure it is very important to consider what hot water cylinder you are about to purchase and install. In most cases for just a few dollars more you can upgrade to a hot water cylinder that will allow you to expand your hot water system in future towards energy savings without having to replace the cylinder again.


If you are replacing your hot water cylinder make sure it has the appropriate ports or required heat exchangers. There is NO disadvantage in having these features but in the future as budget allows you will be able to do the following to save further on Energy:

  • Add a Heat pump
  • Add a Solar panel
  • Add a gas booster
  • Add Ground Source Heat
  • Other options provided on inquiry

With Solar, timing is very important.

Thinking about solar in advance can save thousands of dollars later.

Some Important Tips

  • When building a new home or when renovating and budget is tight Solar Ready Hot Water Cylinder is a brilliant idea for a small extra cost.
  • When changing the hot water system, consider some extra space in the house by moving the hot water cylinder to the roof cavity, or outside and make sure that it is a solar ready one
  • When applying for any building consent, add solar panels as option – you have up to two years to install them. Doing it that way, saves a lot of time and money later.
  • If a future wetback is a possibility, position a GreenGlo dual coil tank above the fireplace position

What makes a tank truly Solar Ready?

Many manufacturers are using the term “Solar Ready” but only a few provide a truly solar ready open-options solution.

A truly Solar Ready Tank comes with all solar options both closed loop and open loops.
This means an extra port and an extra coil!

It should come with a double protection for high temperature, auto-reset thermostats, dedicated probe pockets and a temperature gauge.

The same principals above apply for adding Heat Pumps or any other effeciant Heat Source.

If you are not confident the cylinder you are buying is solar ready please contact us on 0800 429 546 and a team member will gladly assist to ensure you make the right decision.


A very Common system in New Zealand is to have the best of all worlds.

Solar + Gas + (Electricity if required) = SAVE CASH!

This can be achieved with any solar ready hot water cylinder and conventional Gas water heater such as a Rinnai.

On request we also offer comprehensive water heating systems that incorporate central heating or Underfloor Heating. For our residential and commercial hot water heating solutions please contact us via email or call us on 0800 429 546.