Gas Water Heaters Technical

Gas Hot Water Cylinders

Gas hot water cylinders work by heating the water in an insulated tank to a temperature set by a thermostat. They can run on either natural gas or LPG. This is similar to how electric cylinders work except that gas is used in this case.

Benefits of a gas hot water cylinder include:

  • No electricity is required, which means that gas hot water cylinders continue to supply hot water during power outages.

  • They can be located outside which can free up space.

The water pressure at which a gas water cylinder operates may be:
– low pressure – open-vented systems where the pressure is provided by a cold water storage header tank (3-12 metre head – 30 to 120 kPa)(typically 3-7 metre head)
– low pressure – systems which rely on a pressure-reducing valve to reduce the pressure below the mains pressure (3-12 metre head – 30 to 120 kPa)(typically 3-7 metre head)
– mains pressure – with a working pressure equal to the incoming supply (ranging from 120 kPa to 1400 kPa)(typically 350-700 kPa)

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