Mains Pressure Hot Water Cylinders

Mains Pressure Hot Water Cylinders

Using a mains pressure cylinder means better hot water flow – stronger showers means less time wasted, and filling the bath or kitchen sink is much faster.

Mains pressure hot water cylinders are made from either copper, enamel-lined copper or stainless steel and come in sizes ranging from a small under-bench 9lt to 1000lts or more.

Heating may be by electricity, gas, solar, wetback or heat-pump or a combination of two or more. Some modern cylinders are multi-source capable, making your choice simple, regardless of your situation.

Most hot water cylinders in New Zealand are heated by a single electric element, usually of 2kw output, although the larger cylinders use a 3kw element. Some are available with two heating elements, where a secondary element near the top of the cylinder reheats the water faster in the case of frequent smaller draw-offs. However for the domestic home user, it is important to note that twin-element cylinders draw 25amps with both elements running requiring heavier wiring and circuit breakers.

Many households today are upgrading from low pressure to mains pressure when replacement time comes around for their old cylinder, and unless you are satisfied with your current water pressure, it is a good time to make the change.

The main difference for the installation when upgrading is the addition of specialised valves and the installation of a waste-pipe requiring a little extra work than just a straight swap.

Modern hot water cylinders are much more efficient than the old ones, saving power and adding value to your home.

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