Billi Quadra Q460


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Billi Quadra Q460

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Smarter, safer and more convenient drinking water, the Billi Boiling and Chilled product category delivers invigorating filtered boiling and chilled drinking water. The Eco and Quadra ranges blend elegant style, futuristic design and cutting-edge technology, meeting green building requirements, disability access and ergonomic design imperatives. Our Australian designed and made products are quite simply the world’s premium drinking water systems.

Superior Design

 Our feature-rich Eco and Quadra ranges are our flagship products. Having undergone extensive research and development we lead the way over other drinking water systems with exceptional design benefits including:

– largest range of capacities, total of seven different models
– smallest underbench unit footprint
– highest water output volume available
– patented heat exchange system delivers substantial energy savings
– unprecedented tap options
– filtration options available to suit every application

Unprecedented Tap Options

 Following collaboration with architects, designers, engineers and end users, Billi has created an exceptional new range of dispensers to suit our Boiling and Chilled systems. Comprising three different styles of tap and a corresponding drain font, this range ticks all the boxes with clean sophisticated style, advanced safety technology, ease of installation and designer finishes available.


As with our other drinking water appliances, the entire Billi Boiling and Chilled range is covered by a comprehensive 24 month warranty. As an Australian manufacturer we not only have close quality control but we are also uniquely positioned to offer exceptional after sales service.


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Billi Quadra Q460

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