Relocate With Mains Pressure For $10 A Day!


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Product Description

Relocate your cylinder for $10 a day over the year! 

This Package Includes

• 1 x 180lt Rheem Mains Pressure Stainless Steel Indoor / Outdoor hot water cylinder

• Relocation from an indoor location to a new external location (or new internal location)

• Concrete paver

• RMC Mains Pressure Valves Pack

• New electrical switch in a new location with a code of compliance certificate

• Full installation


This is a full, no hidden costs mains pressure hot water cylinder upgrade. Say goodbye to your low pressure water heater and enjoy the benefits of mains pressure hot water starting today for just $10 a day!

3 months financing option available (credit and lending criteria and fees apply)

If the existing drain and strapping comply they will be reused, if they are non-existent or do not comply, new strapping and a drain will be installed at no additional cost..


*** Available in Auckland only ***

Special deal is for upgrading your existing low pressure how water cylinder to a new Rheem 180L Hot water cylinder.

The Cylinder included in this package is for a Rheem 1711 mm x 488 mm. Please confirm your size before placing the order.

Extra repair work or modifications may incur additional cost, this will be confirmed onsite before begin. You will not be charged a callout.

To speak to a technician requesting to confirm the above cost please call our free-phone number today – 0800 429 546 or use our installation calculator.

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I currently have a low pressure system, will my homes plumbing be suitable for mains pressure?

Most houses that use low pressure hot water heating are able to convert to mains pressure without fear of damage. However, if you are concerned give us a call so we can give you the best advice for your property.

Relocate With Mains Pressure For $10 A Day!

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