Rheem HDi 310L Heat Pump Hot Water Cylinder


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GST amount : $1117.5

Manufacturer : Rheem

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Product Code : 563259

product diameter : 670

product height : 1870


Product Description

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Rheem 310L Heat Pump Hot Water Cylinder

Cylinder Specs:

1870mm high x 670mm wide x 690mm deep
HDi-310 – Model A551310
Dimensions: 1870h x 670w x 690d
Weight: 135kg

Heat Pump HDi-310

The Rheem Heat Pump represents the latest generation in electric water heaters (hot water cylinders). With its large 310 litre storage capacity and increased recovery rate, it utilises advanced single-pass top-down heating technology. This revolutionary concept delivers hot water to the top of the tank, heating the tank from the ‘top-down’ and providing usable hot water faster. Its fast recovery rate minimises Heat Pump operation, extending product life. The Rheem Heat Pump is now packaged as two separate components. These are connected during installation to form a conventional cylindrical shape, on a single footprint. This change makes for simpler handling, delivery and installation. Best of all, installation can be completed by your local plumber. The economical Rheem Heat Pump uses solar energy from the sun as its primary fuel source. The solar energy gained from the sun means your Rheem Heat Pump uses approx. 1/3 the amount of energy of a conventional electric water heater (hot water cylinder). This means you can save up to 2/3’s on your hot water energy consumption equating to a reduction of 2/3’s in your water heating account.


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Rheem HDi 310L Heat Pump Hot Water Cylinder

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