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Product Description

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Rinnai Hotflo Hot Water Heat Pump

Product Specs:

Designed for homeowners that want to significantly reduce running costs while minimising their carbon footprint.

Key benefits and features:

  • Retrofit to virtually any brand of electric hot water cylinder
  • Simple installation, usually takes less than one day
  • Carbon footprint reduction with reduced energy consumption

Suitable for:
• External residential applications
• Connection to mains pressure hot water cylinders
• Warmer Regions (North Island of New Zealand)

While the Rinnai Hot Water Heat Pump will operate at temperatures ranging between -7 °C to 45 °C, output and efficiency will reduce at lower temperatures. For example:

  • With an outside air temperature of 20 °C, the Hot Water Heat Pump delivers 3 kW of heat output for every 1 kW used, making it 300% efficient
  • With an outside air temperature of 10 °C, the Hot Water Heat Pump delivers 2.6 kW for every 1 kW used, making it 260% efficient

Water quality
Not suitable for certain water chemistries. Examples of water quality issues where the water may need to be treated prior to using a Rinnai Hot Water Heat Pump are:

• Hard water areas such as in Wanganui
• Aggressive water areas such as in Christchurch
• Bore water areas where the water may be hard and/or aggressive

Geothermal hot spots
The Rinnai Hot Water Heat Pump is not warranted against corrosion in geothermal hotspot areas such as Rotorua, where high levels of suplhur dioxide are present in the atmosphere.

Distance between the heat pump and storage tank
If the heat pump and cylinder are more than 5 m apart an R5043 adjustable flow restrictor must be purchased as a separate item to complete installation.

NOTE: Not suitable as a spa or swimming pool heater. Also not suitable for dense housing areas as the operating noise, especially at night, could be disruptive for neighbours. In Australia, timers have been used to mitigate this problem, however the homeowner needs to be aware that in some instances they may not have hot water when they need it.

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Rinnai Hotflo Hot Water Heat Pump Out Of Stock

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