RMC Zenner Reed Switch To Suit Apartment Meter WMRSZEN


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RMC Zenner Reed Switch To Suit Apartment Meter WMRSZEN

Product Specs:

Apartment water meters
Dry-dial for cold and warm water, optionally with pulse-output We offer two different meter types for the housing industry: single-jet meters and capsule meters. These are typically used for the sub-distribution of water consumption in apartment buildings. Different fi ttings are available for the capsule meters. These allow the simple retroactive installation of water meters when no central metering possibility exists.

Construction dry-dial
Our single-jet meters and the meters from our capsule and fi ttings meters programs are extra dry-dial meters. The transmission from the wet chamber to the counter occurs via a magnetic coupling. Thus, only the turbine works in the wet chamber. The counter rollers have no contact with the water. Malfunctions such as counter blockages due to polluted water are avoided and this shows in the excellent measuring results and the long lasting measuring stability

Eight-roller counter
Readings of the consumed cubic meters including the decimal places are safe and simple using our new modular counter with 8-digit rollers. With this counter, we simplifi ed the required gear transmission ratio and compressed it constructively. This allowed us to make room for three different retrofi ttable modules. The meter is no longer as high as it used to be and thus, has a very modern appearance. The star wheel in the middle shows impeller movements from the smallest of fl ows and can for example, be used to detect leakage.

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RMC Zenner Reed Switch To Suit Apartment Meter WMRSZEN

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