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Zenith Duo Hydroboil 5L/3.2L 2KW WHT W/MOUNT DU1101


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Zenith Duo Hydroboil 5L/3.2L 2KW White Wall Mount

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Treat yourself to energy savings with Zenith Hydroboil, used by millions around the world each day.

  • No more waiting for water to boil. Zenith Hydroboil gives boiling filtered water instantly, for tea, coffee and cooking.
  • Costs little to run – thanks to energy efficient design and electronic controls minimizing energy consumption.
  • Also check out Zenith Autoboil and Zenith Econoboil models using earlier thermostatic technology for water temperature control.

Now Zenith brings the practical advantages of instant boiling water to kitchens world-wide

Saves time

No more time wasted waiting for water to boil – Zenith gives boiling water instantly, at the touch of a tap.

Saves energy

No energy wasted boiling more water than needed & fingertip control brings you a cup-full or pot-full at a time. Saves space No cluttered kitchen counters – Zenith instant boiling water eliminates the need for kettles and exposed power cords.

Saves money

Costs little to run – thanks to energy-efficient design and electronic controls minimising energy consumption.

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Zenith Duo Hydroboil 5L/3.2L 2KW WHT W/MOUNT DU1101

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