Zenith Hydroptap B100FM INSTANT BOILING HT1620


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Zenith Hydroptap B100FM INSTANT BOILING HT1620

Product Specs:
•    Instant boiling filtered water for all commercial tea,coffeeandcooking needs
•    Instant chilled filtered drinking water from the same tap
•    Unique Power-Pulse™ technology keeps operating costs to a minimum
•    Two energy-saving power options can be activated to conserve money:
1.A 24/7 programmable clock to turn the system off and on at set times
2.A sleep mode to power system down if inactive for preset periods (2 or 4hrs)
•    Safety locking mechanism can be activated against the boiling water lever
•    Sub-micron fully encapsulated filter as standard
•    Boiling, chilling and filter system stored out-of-sight under the bench top
•    Optional Tap Font Kit for installation away from the sink and caters for disabled access
•     Option of over-sized levers for people with restricted mobility

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Zenith Hydroptap B100FM INSTANT BOILING HT1620

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