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Rheem 180L Mains Pressure Upgrade And Waste Disposal Replacement

A customer recently called us with the issue of their low pressure cylinder finally giving up on them. They needed a solution for hot water and decided that mains pressure would be the ideal thing to go for. So we recommended going for a Rheem 180L mains pressure cylinder to provide them with the solution they were looking for.

rheem_mains_pressure_upgrade_old_cylinderThe old cylinder was a Simplex low pressure unit, which are very popular around older Auckland homes. Some are even up to 30 years old! We have replaced many of these old low pressure Simplex cylinders around Auckland.

We sent our plumber off with a new Rheem 180L mains pressure cylinder to replace the old Simplex unit and provide the customer with higher pressure hot water in their home. These hot water cylinders are extremely popular upgrades for old low pressure systems because they are easy to install, provide reliable mains pressure hot water, are very efficient and last for years to come.


While there, our plumber was also asked to replace an old faulty Wastemaster with a new Hurricane unit that do an even better job of chopping up the scraps.

rheem_mains_pressure_upgrade_waste_disposalWould you like to upgrade to mains pressure hot water? We can provide you a mains pressure solution no matter what your requirements. Contact us today and let’s get your hot water going again!