Rheem EcoPlus Heat Pump Hot Water Cylinder system

Manufacturer: Rheem

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Product Code:GAUS-300FQS

$8,499.00 (incl. GST)
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1kW energy to run EcoPlus system generates approximately 4.5kW heat into stored water ~80%* SAVING

Take a global leader in the field of heating and cooling technology and partner them with a successful brand in water heating and you have a winning combination.
After a successful partnership in Australia, New Zealand homes can now benefit from EcoPlus – an environmentally advanced hot water system from Sanden and Rheem.

How it works
The EcoPlus hot water heat pump system is a highly energy efficient alternative to traditional electric or gas water heaters. It absorbs heat from the outside air to heat water - saving energy, saving money and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
The EcoPlus hot water heat pump system runs on electricity but requires substantially less power to heat water than conventional hot water systems. The EcoPlus system can save you up to 80%* of your hot water energy costs, year after year.

Easy installation
The EcoPlus system uses a smarter split system design where the heat pump unit and stainless steel tank can be installed separately. This allows flexibility of the storage tank location, which can be up to 15 metres distance horizontally or 3 metres vertically from the heat pump unit. Installation of this system must be carried out only by licensed/ qualified installation technicians (ie. both plumbing and electrical)

Superior benefits
• Operating range: -10°C to +42°C
• Neighbour friendly whisper-quiet operation (37dB)
• Uses ozone friendly R744 refrigerant (also known as carbon dioxide CO2 ) which has an extremely low Global Warming Potential** and does not deplete the ozone layer
• No backup heating element required
• Automatic heating cycle
• Fast heat recovery
• Perfect for off-peak power

Ultra-high efficiency
Heating water is one of the costliest energy users in our homes. The EcoPlus system minimises the energy consumption and maximises the water-heating capacity whilst allowing for faster recovery, resulting in significantly lower operating costs.

Less energy, less impact on the environment, more savings.

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