Upgrade To A Gas Hot Water Heating System - Auckland

    Tired of ever rising power prices? Convert to GAS and save CASH!

    Save money by converting to a gas powered water heating system. No more heating water when not required.


    In New Zealand the law requires a body of water to be stored at 65 degrees Celsius to reduce the risk of the potentially deadly Legionnaires disease (Clause G12 AS1 performance criteria).

    For the reason all hot water cylinders sold in New Zealand must comply to this standard and include a thermostat that ensures the water in the tank maintains 65 degrees round the clock.

    Once hot water is used inside your home a tempering valve will reduce that temperature back down to 55 degrees to prevent scalding and protect your plumbing.

    • By using an instantaneous gas water heater you bypass the above described energy loss all together! You only use energy to heat your water when it’s required. Water heating on demand.
    • Gas is the cheaper energy source. In some cases the difference in cost can be $0.20 cents per KW used! This will depend on the type of gas and circumstances of the installation. We have provided insight calculations further below.


    All our installation specials include all materials and labor required to achieve the desired upgrade. In some cases the content of each special may vary depending on gas type and size of unit required for the demand. We have endeavored to provide as much information as possible for your convenience and if you still have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.


    By using an instantaneous gas water heater you immediately eliminate most valves that would be required in a conventional hot water cylinder system. This includes the tempering valve. Being instant water is heated on the fly, no storage = no Legionnaires disease. No ongoing valve maintenance and no dripping drain outlets = No grief!

    All instantaneous gas water heaters offer an optional temperature controller that can be poisoned in your bathroom or a central area to adjust the right temperature to suit your requirements. This is especially convenient with young children.


    Where large volumes of hot water are required over a short period, several pressure type instantaneous water heaters may be required. We specialize in commercial gas water heating and can provide engineered solutions and adapt to you requirements. Please contact us for more information.

    Solar vs Gas vs Electricity


    Power savings = 2143 kWh

    Cost savings 2143 kWh x ($0.18 power cost minus $0.08 gas cost) = $214

    Carbon savings (power) = 0.979 (marginal carbon factor) x 2143 = 2098 kg.

    Carbon increase (gas) = 0.187 x 2143 kWh = 400.74 kg

    Net carbon saving = 1697.26 kg

    Equivalent to 1941 kg of Household waste to landfill (at 0.874 kg CO2/kg.


    $0.08 per kWh for gas

    0.979kg of CO2 per kWh

    Based of standard losses from electrical hot water systems this can vary depending upon grade of electrical hot water systems.

    COMMENT: Assumption seems vague, how big was water heater, how many people in the family? How long do they shower for?

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