Tired of that lousy low hot water pressure?
    Want to increase your hot water pressure to its full potential?
    You have come to the right place!

    Please view our mains-pressure specials above, whether your existing cylinder is leaking or you want to upgrade to main pressure we have several solutions at several budgets available.


    When you are viewing our specials note that there are no hidden costs! We have perfected our systems and installation to ensure you are getting an installation that complies with all standards at no extra cost!


    • You can view our mains pressure installation upgrade specials on this site, we try to provide as much information as possible to save you time. If you are still unsure about the special, please give us a ring and ask, alternatively please use our contact page.
    • You can either call, email or book the installation through this site, the advantage of booking through the site is that you will receive an email confirming the scope of work, also as an online booking your installation will be prioritized.
    • On the day of your booking before any work commences the technician will confirm your details and talk you through the job.
    • The job will proceed and be completed on the day. On completion all certificates and warranties can be provided.

    Things to consider

    Once the installation is complete there are a few things you need to know and consider.

    If we have completed the mains pressure upgrade and your existing tapware is still low pressure, don’t worry, we have developed systems to ensure your existing tapware can continue to be used until you decide to upgrade them to mains or all-pressure tap ware. This is included in the installation costs above. Your first shower will be a dream! But be wary more pressure = more water. If you wish to reduce your water usage and maintain your pressure please ask our technician to assist you with water restrictors on the shower.

    As an example if you had a low pressure 135L hot water cylinder and replaced it with a 135L main pressure hot water cylinder, your shower time could reduce to 50% using mains pressure. A typical efficient shower should run at 8L/min - 10L/min. A good way of testing this is placing a 10L bucket under the shower and timing it.

    n many cases your existing low pressure hot water cylinder system will not have a tempering valve. Once upgraded this will change, as per NZBC all our specials include a tempering valve limiting your temperature to 55deg. This temperature can be increased and decreased. Note that every company is required to install this valve if they are intending to replace your hot water cylinder. In many cases the client is left in the dark thinking “what a great deal”.