Why Important To Use Hot Water Cylinder Specialists – Auckland


  • We are certified and registered Master Plumbers.
  • Over the years we have installed 1000’s of hot water cylinders across New Zealand allowing us to develop systems that have reduced our labor and material content considerably, to a point where others will find it hard to compete offering the same level of quality maintaining a COMPLIANT installation.
  • Making an educated decision is very important.Make sure you compare apples for apples. For more information please view our blog post “Are you comparing apples with apples?
  • We employ our own staff; unlike many other cylinder guys we do not subcontract any of our work. We are certifying plumbers and gasfitters holding an electrical license enabling us to look after you from beginning to end. One company = One warranty, when something goes wrong no hassles with one cylinder guy blaming another.
  • Insured and warrantied! We offer a 10 million dollar public liability and are registered Master Plumbers and Gasfitters (http://www.dontriskit.co.nz/why-use-a-master-plumber/) giving you peace of mind.
    Master Plumbers Guarantee
  • We have been installing hot water cylinders for years and we intend to stick around for the duration of your warranty. On request we are happy to provide testimonials from your area to reinforce your trust with the satisfaction of our existing client base. Check out our review pages for more information.
  • Hot Water Cylinders is who we are and what we do every day!

We are available for any questions you might have daily on 0800 429 546. Alternatively you can use our live chat or send us an email. We look forward to hearing from you.