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Relocate your hot water cylinder (external) outside and add solar

Another great looking hot water cylinder installation! Green_glo_hot_water_cylinder

Internal low pressure hot water cylinder system completely  removed and relocated to the outside. This green glo is an external model designed to cope with exterior weather conditions. Designed with higher grade insulation and powder coated materials. Solar water heating was added to this installation ensuring maximum efficiencies. System design is indirect heating via an integrated heat exchanger. No power to get hot water on this installation! Also white UV tape was used to prevent breakdown of the insulation. Builder yet to build a structure surrounding the hot water cylinder to provide further protection. Great looking water cylinder installation guys well done!

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Help my hot water cylinder is leaking!

The title to this blog are the words that were spoken when I picked up the phone. To make a bad situation worse it happened on the weekend. After a series of questions it was very obvious we had to get a technician to site. There are two things our costumers hate > 1 > not having hot water on the weekend and >> 2 >> the call out fee on the weekend.

Once the cover was removed the problem was quickly identified. Unfortunately this job required spare hot water cylinder parts not available from your “average” plumbing supplier. Back the following day to replace the faulty solar hot water cylinder. Due to the size of the job the call out fee was not charged and we were able to get the solar hot water up and running the same day everyone happy again.