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Google Googled Hot Water Cylinders And Found The Right Specialist

Founder Larry Page’s luxury yacht Senses is sitting in Auckland needing two new specialized hot water cylinders. So the Google founder’s maintenance company Googles “hot water cylinder specialist” and finds Hot Water Cylinders NZ.

They found the ultimate hot water cylinder specialist right there and then, because his maintenance company went ahead and signed us up for the job. Seeing our expertise and capability, they have trusted HWC NZ to replace the existing units and manufacture the exact same models to get their superyacht ready for sail once again.


The cylinders were designed with the following specifications:

  • 250L horizontal marine style duplex stainless steel hot water cylinder
  • S/S 304 cased & insulated
  • 550dai x 1525 length
  • 3 x custom element flanges to suit existing stock elements
  • 850KPA relief valve and 20mm connection
  • Custom inlet & outlet sizes based on original
  • 20mm cylinder drain
  • No coil
  • 1x tank anode
  • Mounting angle brackets including nuts and bolts


Check out a video of these marine hot water cylinders below:

Marine Hot Water Cylinders

Designed to withstand the special demands of the marine vessels and boats, our marine hot water cylinders are built with the highest quality components to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

Our marine cylinders are made with grade 304 stainless steel, which has good resistance to oxidation even in continuous service in temperatures of up to 925oC. And when you’re out in the water 24/7, corrosion resistance is a crucial factor. In comparison to other materials used in hot water cylinders such as copper-nickel or aluminium-bronze alloys, stainless steel resists salt-water corrosion better which makes it a clear choice for marine hot water cylinders.

That being said, stainless steel is not totally immune to corrosion. It can experience localized corrosion under certain conditions, so some stainless steel cylinders will fare better than others. The difference lies in engineering and design. Needless to say, our team is confident that we can supply cylinders fit for a supercraft like Senses.

The new cylinders had to be the same design because other pre-made units would neither perform well enough for the superyacht’s hot water demands nor sit well with its Philippe Starck interior.

Google trusts its search engine to show the best and most reliable experts in their fields, so much so that they chose Hot Water Cylinders NZ when it showed on the top results.

Gaining the trust of one of Google’s executives says a lot about our team. These people mean business in whatever they do. And we know they only make strategic decisions that will provide the best outcome for them. Senses is a yacht for VIPs, celebrities and the affluent who expect nothing short of luxury, so everything in it must be built to impress.

We don’t take the word “specialists” lightly. We brand ourselves that way because we know our job extremely well. We don’t just sell the priciest cylinders in order to drive sales, we take the time to listen to our clients’ needs and specifications in order to provide the best in terms of performance, efficiency and economy. Whether it’s gas, electric or solar powered, we’ve got the expertise and experience for that!

In the case of Senses, our goal was to build reliable hot water cylinders at par with the standards and specifications of the original. That’s a huge feat, considering we need to design and supply everything from the custom element flanges to the nuts and bolts.

More about Senses

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The 59.2 metre expedition motor yacht was engineered by Germany’s Fr. Schweers Shipyard in 1999 and was last refitted in 2015. Built to surpass the challenges of the world’s oceans, Senses is Lloyds rated and deemed perfect for the 21st century adventurer. describes Senses as “the opportunity for a truly unique lifestyle in luxury yachting” with its stylish interiors and comprehensive inventory of equipment. True enough, the yacht features an impressive arsenal of toys including six WaveRunners, two jet skis, kitesurfs, surfboards, kayaks, paddle boards, a Jetboard, a Jetlev and a helipad – plus tons of inflatable toys for endless parties!

The yacht offers lavish accommodations for up to 12 guests, with 7 spacious modern cabins and a gymnasium that can also be converted into a cabin.

Hot Water Demand on Boats

With its 15,000 km plus of coast, waterways and lakes, New Zealand is every boatie’s paradise. Boating is like a way of life, a tradition during perfect summer days for families and solo adventurers alike. Living on boats is also a growing trend amongst Kiwis who love boating and want something other than the typical lifestyle.

Whether you’re sailing for the weekend or you’re on an extended cruise with lots of water adventures in between, you can never have enough of hot water on board. A nice warm shower is the ultimate refresher, washing off the salt and sweat at the end of the day. Especially when you’re wintering someplace on a boat, hot water is something you just can’t live without.

Many boats carry a water heater that operates either from engine heat or on electricity. The problem with the former is that the engine has to be running constantly to ensure a steady supply of hot water. That’s very inefficient when you’re just mooring, and causes unnecessary wear on the engine. The fact that the water in the heater can be heated depending on the temperature of the engine’s coolant creates some serious safety risks. Nevertheless, these heaters work well for smaller boats.

For bigger vessels, a custom-fitted hot water cylinder makes a lot more sense, due to its larger capacity and efficiency.

In the case of Senses which has a private beach club complete with a Jacuzzi, sauna and steam room, having hot water on demand is essential. Now with its new high spec hot water cylinders, Senses is once again ready for charter in New Zealand and the South Pacific.

With the right type and size of hot water cylinder, you can enjoy these creature comforts and luxuries in your own boat, too!

Talk to us for a consultation on any of these numbers: 0800 4 CYLINDERS or (NZ FREE) 0800 429 546.