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Hot Water Cylinder Experience Is Key

We all want to get the best value for our dollar, so we try to get the best prices from suppliers whenever we can. Having said that, the best price doesn’t always give you the best deal. Lower prices may reflect low-quality goods and services which may not be the most cost effective option in the long run. So while price is important, a better gauge to use when choosing a supplier is experience.

This is especially important when you’re buying big-ticket items like your hot water cylinder. Only an experienced supplier will be able to help you choose the right product that will heat your home efficiently and economically. Here’s why

Hot_water_cylinder_experience_is_keyExperience means better quality

“The more you do, the better you get.”  If you’ve been doing the same thing for years, you tend to get better at it. Hot Water Cylinders NZ has been in the business for years now, and we’ve installed over 1,000 units in the last financial year alone. This makes us the hot water cylinder supplier and installer with the largest experience in New Zealand.

In all our years of operation, we have learned all the tricks of the trade and found the best systems that provide the best value for our clients. We know that what works for one household may not work for another, so we make sure to provide tailored solutions every time.

There is a right hot water heating system for every installation job. We design our systems based on clients’ individual hot water usage and budget. Our goal is to ensure efficiency and economy, regardless of the brand. We are not partial to one brand, because we know all brands have their own good qualities and features that may work for different types of home. We do endorse brands like Rinnai and Bosch, but only because we’ve already proven them to be reliable and effective. Still, we stock all kinds of hot water cylinder systems from different brands to give our clients a comprehensive selection.

Experience means better service

Customer satisfaction is the hallmark of our service. Our referrals and repeat business are the best testimony to the quality of our work, and we work really hard to ensure our clients only have good things to say about us.

Experience taught us that a strong relationship benefits both parties. So we’ve made it our commitment to build and sustain true partnerships with our clients, making every effort to deliver the best service possible.

Experience also means better value

Even with new hot water heating technologies entering the market, we are not quick to upsell our clients to the latest product if it’s not in their best interest. In fact, there is often no need to replace your hot water cylinder, unless it’s already too old or inefficient.

Since a heavy price tag does not equal quality, we don’t push sales on the most expensive system in our range. Nevertheless, our experience taught us that some of the most reliable hot water cylinders will cost a bit more than the average systems. So you might find that spending a bit more on a cylinder today will give you greater savings in the long run. We always advise our clients not to look solely at the price but to weigh out the features and functionalities among their options, in order to make a smarter decision.

Because we know the right strategies for all kinds of installation, we can help you avoid common mistakes that can be costly to repair. For instance, some new installers does not know how to size the cylinder correctly, which results in an inefficient system that costs more to run. With experienced hot water cylinder installers like us, you’ll have your steady supply of hot water running in no time! Our systems are built to last and come with comprehensive warranties for your peace of mind.

Experience means compliance and safety

As experienced installers, we are highly familiar with applicable codes and regulations. We have learned all the things that could possibly go wrong with a hot water cylinder installation, so rest assured we also know the ways to avoid them.

Our installers are certified plumbers and gasfitters with decades of combined experience. And our systems are all tested for safety.

Homeowners also have a role in ensuring the safety of their hot water cylinder. Although the unit will remain hidden in a utility closet or basement, it needs regular maintenance for safety purposes. We make sure to educate our clients about safe operation and upkeep, particularly of certain components such as the pressure relief valve, vents and the temperature control.

Experience means expert advice

If you can’t decide between a vented and unvented cylinder, solar hot water cylinder or gas-powered water heater system, we’ll explain everything you need to know without the complicated jargon. With us, you won’t be left in the dark. If you’re not yet familiar with your options, we will explain how each hot water heating system works, what type of fuel is best for specific hot water usage, how much they cost, and what the benefits and disadvantages are. We also educate our clients about heat-loss figures, reheat times and insulation to give them a better idea of how efficient hot water cylinders should work. We’ll guide you in choosing the most suitable system for your budget and heating needs, and make sure the system is future proof to give you maximum return on your investment.

At the onset of every project, we encourage our clients to voice out all their questions or concerns. We are always ready to give a straightforward answer. In our experience, problems sometimes arise due to non-communication, and these mistakes can blow the client’s budget out of proportion and also reflect badly on our service. To prevent this, we make sure our clients are well informed before they sign a contract with us.

Whether you are buying a new hot water cylinder or replacing your old unit, you may contact us us for unbiased advice or a no-obligation quote through these numbers: 0800 4 CYLINDERS or 0800 429 546.