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How Do Instant Water Heaters Work?

It’s quite interesting how many options NZ homeowners have when it comes tot heating water. There are different types you can choose from. One of which, namely, the tankless or instant water heater is among the most popular types because they tend to be more energy-efficient than the heated water storage option. Are you considering switching to this option? If yes, knowing how the system works can help you understand why you should choose it as your new source of heated water. Check out our discussion below and learn more about how a tankless or instant water heating system work.


What is a Tankless Water Heating System?

Instant water heaters are not a novel option in many countries, especially in Japan and Europe. It has gained quite a lot of traction in recent years because it’s relatively more sustainable to operate than the heated water tank option. As the name suggests, this system doesn’t need to draw water inside a water tank. Instead, it instantaneously heats water as it passes through the heating chamber inside the appliance.

On average, your instant water heater can generate up to 5 gallons of heated water per minute, which is more than enough for bathing, washing dishes, and doing the laundry for a small household. 


How a Tankless Water Heater Works

Essentially, an instant water heating system comprises of a few parts, including the heat exchanger, safety elements, water valves, temperature sensors, combustion elements, combustion chamber, control panel, and vent. Some, especially those powered by natural gas, include additional features like a gas valve and a burner.

The heating process is quite straightforward. Once you turn the faucet, the water starts getting drawn into the pipes. Then, the system’s water flow sensor activates, triggering the heating element to switch on. This process allows the flowing water to reach your preferred temperature. Once the flow sensor stops sensing water flow, it shuts off, effectively disabling the heating element.

Most models also come with a thermistor. Essentially, this component ensures that the temperature of the water flowing out of the taps does not exceed normal or safe levels. This prevents accidents and other untoward incidents while you use heated water.   


Top Reasons Why You Should Consider Instant Water Heaters

With the many options available, you might still have a few reservations about installing a water heater. To help you understand why it’s a worthy option, here are the key benefits of using a tankless water heating system:

  • No need to wait long before hot water is ready for use – Within a few seconds after switching on the tap or showerhead, the heated water will start flowing.
  • Save energy used to heat the water inside the storage tank – Imagine how much this would help you reduce your household’s carbon footprint.
  • More savings on your power bills – Consequently, you no longer have to spend as much money on your monthly electric bill because you don’t have to use up more energy to heat water.
  • More durable make and design –  Compared to other water heating options, tankless systems tend to last longer. If well maintained, your chosen instant heater can last for up to 10 years – a worth-it investment, especially for a small household.
  •  A smaller space requirement – This is quite a considerable advantage, especially if you don’t have enough space to spare for your water heating equipment.

There are, of course, some slight disadvantages that you need to know about before shopping for a tankless heater. For starters, the upfront costs may be expensive. Your average spending on the system would all depend on the model you choose and the average water consumption of your household.

Also, you will need to have a professional installer on board, especially if you’re using a high-powered heater or a model that utilizes natural gas. Such models usually need specialized vents and other additional requirements. If you don’t mind dealing with these disadvantages, then you might indeed find the instantaneous water heater a good fit for your home. 


I’m Ready to Make the Switch, Now What?

There are definitely a lot of reasons why it makes more sense for some households to use a tankless system. If you’re among these folks, check out the list of things you’ll need to consider when choosing what type of tankless water system you should use:

  • The water flow rate or the average amount of water you will need to heat for each use. Especially Auckland Hot Water Cylinders
  • The temperature difference between the groundwater and your preferred setting
  • The type of faucets you have in your kitchen and bath
  • The showerhead flow rate which you can calculate on your own or check with the manufacturer

Feel free to consult with our team if you have a hard time figuring out what you need for your home. Also, you can contact us any time you need help in installing a water heater. Contact us today at HWC NZ for your water heating needs in New Zealand.