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How do you intend to Power your future?

What is the future of hot water?

With the world fading out the use of fossil fuels new markets are developing for more efficient and cost effective ways to heat water.

Whilst gas is still in high demand for its convenience, low running costs and high heat values, our environment sets the stage of how water is to be heated in years to come.

With the exploding trend of electrical vehicles and the PR behind this trend, we can clearly see that change is coming fast for what is considered to be the number 1 power consumer in every home.

This includes water and space heating.

Architects and Engineers are scrambling on how to design homes today > for tomorrow that need to include domestic and space heating systems that can adapt to the worlds fast moving demands to reduce CO2 emissions.

Systems that are currently in question include:

Gas water heating
• Gas Space Heating
• Diesel Space Heating

Heratpumps and Solar are on the rise given the low emission values. Hot Water Cylinders NZ have several offerings in this regard including:

1. Heatpump hot water cylinders
2. Solar retrofitted to existing hot water cylinders
3. PV Solar options (Upgrade to Solar)
4. PV to support Hot Water Cylinders and Heatpumps.

The future is looking like leveraging battery power. With the increase of E vehicles including cars, scooters, bikes and much more, governments will need to come up with a plan on how to power everything. So if you are going electric, our guess is that you are on the right track. The only question you need to ask yourself is how you can offset your electrical costs especially when it comes to eating your home and water.

Talk to Hot Water Cylinders Ltd today and we will assess you property whether existing or new and provide you with a design that will not only give you reassurance today but also into the future!