ModuSense Gas Bottle Level Monitor

Manufacturer: Hot Water Cylinders NZ

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$629.00 (incl. GST)
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ModuSense Gas Bottle Level Monitor


Product Specs:

  • Highly durable Stainless Steel (304)
  • Weather sealed IP67 enclosure
  • Ideal for 9KG, 18KG and 45KG LPG bottles
  • Supports up to 180KG total weight

The ModuSense Bottle Scale is a highly durable scale base for monitoring consumption of gas resources. Perfect for 9kg, 18kg and 45kg bottles.

When combined with the ModuSense LPG Gas Detector you can not only monitor the consumption of gas but also detect possible leaks.

  • Highly durable 2.5mm Stainless Steel (304)
  • Ideal for 45KG LPG bottle as used in lifestyle installations
  • Versatile - can also weigh 9KG and 18KG variants
  • Multiple Controller Gateway options available depending on deployment.
  • Includes first 12 months of ModuSense Cloud System access and connectivity on Spark cellular network
  • If you are 'off-grid' then we have Satellite options too - get in touch.

For multiple bottles on a site you can install a single ModuSense Controller Gateway (Cellular) and use the Bluetooth Gateway on each subsequent bottle. Data from the Bluetooth devices is automatically collected on the controller and transmitted to the ModuSense data platform for trend analysis and alert notifications.

This product apparatus has been accessed for safety using the risk assessment principles in the standard AS/NZs 60079.14 page 96 section 1.3.

Certificate of compliance No. OP161209.XGEQW93

For more information, please check our blog, how do I know when my LPG bottles are empty?

**Add one more scale for an extra $250 + GST!! If you wish to order two scales, please purchase one, and in the comments sections advise us that you would like two scales, and we will sort it out for you.**

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