EcoSpring ES190 190 Litre


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GST amount : $510

Manufacturer : Ecospring

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Product Code : ECO0BI3F16

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Product Description

EcoSpring ES190 190 Litre Hot Water Cylinder

Cylinder Specs:

ES190 – 190 Litre

Suitable for 1-2 people in a small dwelling

Advanced Controls

The advanced EcoSpring Heat Pump Hot Water Cylinders allow you control your own hot water requirements with an easy to use Control Panel.

Economy Mode (ES190 Only)

The unit utilises the heat pump to heat water. This is the most efficient mode possible, thus allowing the greatest savings possible.

Hybrid Mode

While the unit uses the heat pump as its primary means to heat the water, the standard electric elements will activate if the ambient air temperature is low. -7°C <t4< br=””>
e-Heater Mode

This mode shuts off the heat pump and only uses the electric  elements to heat the water, just like a standard electric water heater. eHeat mode allows for operation in colder situations (less than -7°C) where heat pump would not function ideally.

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EcoSpring ES190 190 Litre

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