Rheem 27 Continuous Flow Gas Heater LPG / Natural Gas


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Rheem 27 Continuous Flow Gas Heater LPG / Natural Gas

6 Star efficiency and Improved Minimum Flow Start-up!

The Rheem 27 boasts an economical 2 litre per minute start up rate. While some continuous flow water heaters require a minimum of up to 3 litres, the Rheem 27L reduces water wastage and compliments the installation of water efficient tap-ware.

Other features include:

10 year pro-rata warranty on the heat exchanger –
3 year warranty on parts and labour
Digital display for easy fault diagnosis and service
Full technical support through the Rheem National Service Network
Unique Flame Safe overheat protection system

Flow Rate Installation Energy
27L/min Outdoor Continuous Flow Gas

Continuous flow hot water when you need it

Continuous flow water heaters deliver an endless supply of hot water that will never run out, as they heat water when you need it, for as long as you need it.
As they heat only on demand, rather than keeping water hot and stored ready for use, they use less gas than traditional storage water heaters, which is good news for the environment.
Continuous flow water heaters mount conveniently to the wall, taking up less space, which is good news if you have a compact home site or apartment or are just short of space.

Product Specifications


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Are continuous flow gas water heaters mains pressure?

Yes! Continuous flow instantaneous gas water heaters are connected to the mains water supply. However, some people may experience a slight drop in water pressure when switching to a continuous water heater from a mains pressure cylinder. However this water pressure is still considered to be at mains pressure.

Rheem 27 Continuous Flow Gas Heater LPG / Natural Gas

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