Rinnai 250L 550cm 3kw Stainless Steel Mains Pressure


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Manufacturer : Rinnai

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Product Code : *OUILUAX60-1-2

product diameter : 550

product height : 1730


Product Description

Peace of mind
Our range of stainless steel mains pressure hot water cylinders comes with a long 10 year limited warranty on the cylinder*. It’s backed by Rinnai after sales support and like all our cylinders they are NZ designed and engineered.

Future proof your home
Connect to a hot water heat pump or solar system with the extra eco inlet connection** now or in the future.

Install as a low pressure system then connect, without replacing your cylinder, to the luxury of mains pressure when you are ready.

Energy efficient
– Curved element design ensures 98% of the water is heated
– Cold water inlet tubes deliver water to the bottom of the cylinder to avoid mixing water
– No cylinder wraps required, all Rinnai cylinders meet the NZ Minimum Energy Performance Standard (MEPs)
– Smart cylinder option also available

– Lightweight, stainless steel makes transport and installation a breeze
– Low maintenance, no sacrificial anode to maintain
– Auto reset thermostat option means these cylinders can be solar or hot water heat pump ready

Innovative design
The 250 and 300 L cylinders have the option of a second element making recovery times quicker and making it less likely you’ll run out of water.


Additional information

Product Diameter

Product Height

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Rinnai 250L 550cm 3kw Stainless Steel Mains Pressure

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