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250L HJ Cooper Mains Pressure Stainless Steel Open Solar ready


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Manufacturer : HJ Cooper

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Product Code : 540017

product diameter : 550

product height : 1726


Product Description

** This product has been upgraded and is now known as Rinnai, click here to view updated product **

HJ Cooper 250L Mains Pressure Stainless Steel Open Solar ready

Cylinder Specs:

  • 550mm wide x 1726mm high
  • Available in 2KW and 3KW
  • Suitable for:
    Indoor installations
    Mains and low pressure systems
    Domestic and commercial water heating applications
    Left or right hand plumbing connections
    Connection to open loop solar or hot water heat pump systemsNot suitable as a pool or spa heater.

Water quality
HJ Cooper water heaters are manufactured to suit most New Zealand council water supplies. However some water supplies can have a detrimental effect on the water heater, its operation and life expectancy.

Water supplies with a high level of calcium carbonate (hard water) can cause scaling on hot surfaces. We recommend a water temperature of no more than 65 °C to minimise scale build-up. Scale reducing or water softening devices should be considered in hard water areas. The unit is not guaranteed against damage due to scaling. 

HJ Cooper by Rinnai stainless steel mains pressure hot water cylinders are constructed from high grade duplex stainless steel and packed with features to benefit specifiers, installers and homeowners, making them exceptional value for money.

Peace of mind
This range of mains pressure electric hot water cylinders comes with a 20 year warranty on the inner cylinder*. You won’t find a longer warranty on any other electric hot water cylinder in New Zealand! Whats more, it’s backed by Rinnai after sales support.

Energy efficient
• Curved element design ensures 98% of water is heated
• Cold water inlet dip tubes deliver water to the bottom of the tank to avoid mixing of water
• No cylinder wraps required, all HJ Cooper cylinders meet NZ MEPS

MEPS = Minimum Energy Performance Standard

Future proof your home
Connect to a hot water heat pump or solar system with the extra eco inlet connection**, either now or in the future.

Install as a low pressure system then connect, without replacing your cylinder, to the luxury of mains pressure when you are ready.

• Lightweight, stainless steel makes transport and installation are a breeze
• Low maintenance, no sacrificial anode to maintain
• Future proofed, auto reset thermostat option means these cylinders can be solar and hot water heat pump ready

Innovative design
The 250 and 300 L cylinders have the option of a second element making recovery times quicker and making it less likely you’ll run out of hot water.

* Please see the Plumbers/Owners Guide for full warranty details
** Excludes 135 L cylinder

Free delivery for Auckland metropolitan locations*

We will deliver to any household throughout New Zealand. Contact us in advance for delivery and an installation quote

*Rural delivery fee may apply **Please note that all prices exclude GST**

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250L HJ Cooper Mains Pressure Stainless Steel Open Solar ready

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